About Us

Alienstech is a technology-based company committed to service. We have over half a decade of experience in our field. Our motto is that no matter how little or how much you spend on a computer, if it does not do the job then you have spent too much. That is why we offer both our home based and office clients the ability to choose when it comes to selecting a computer that is customized for their use. We feel that preparation is the key to efficiency. We know your time is valuable as we consider your needs in computer service and repair. We offer custom built computers, networking, and website construction, as well as service for your existing hardware, software and web sites. We strive to stay abreast of technology’s ever changing nature by training through New Horizons, self-study, and hands on training with new products as they come on the market. This site is intended to be informational. Please feel free to visit our Contact area to inquire about pricing for services. We currently cover Northwest Louisiana.