Add a VLAN to a Dell switch port

Start the configuration at the core.  Refer to the knowledgebase for how to add a vlan to the trunk port for the building.
  • Go to the Dell switch IP in your browser
  • login (refer to the password database)
  • Reference the uplink/trunk port (g1) in this case
  • Expand Switch
  • Expand VLAN
  • Click VLAN Membership
  • Click Add
  • Enter the VLAN ID in this case 16
  • Enter the name in this case Wireless
  • Apply Changes
  • Drop down the VLAN ID box and choose the new VLAN
  • Click the top box under g1 to tag the switch for 16 make sure it has a T displayed, if it doesn’t keep clicking and it will rotate through the 3 options
  • Click the top box under the port number(s) until a U is shown.
  • Click Apply Changes
  • Log out