How to install Pi-hole on Ubuntu Server

  • SSH into your server, login or open Terminal if you have a GUI
  • Type copy and paste
    curl -sSL | bash
  • Press enter and walk through the setup accepting all defaults
  • Make a note of your password (auto-generated) or use pihole -a -p to reset your password.

This site has several lists for different types of content to block. There are additional ad blocking lists, malware, tracking, and malicious site block lists as well as some recommended whitelist additions.

List of pihole commands

Whitelisting, Blacklisting and Regexpihole -w, pihole -b, pihole -regex, pihole -wild
Debuggerpihole debug
Log Flushpihole flush
Reconfigurepihole reconfigure
Tailpihole tail
Adminpihole -a
Chronometerpihole chronometer
Gravitypihole updateGravity
Loggingpihole logging
Querypihole query
Updatepihole updatePihole
Versionpihole version
Uninstallpihole uninstall
Statuspihole status
Enable & Disablepihole enable
Restart DNSpihole restartdns

pihole checkout

Update Gravity listspihole -g