Upgrade Ubiquiti AP firmware manually

This article assumes you to know how to gain access to the Unifi Controller and are familiar with the interface. The current controller software as of 2/3/2017 is 5.4.9 and is set to automatically upgrade firmware in Settings > Site > Automatically upgrade firmware. If automatic upgrading isn’t working and manually clicking Upgrade Firmware in the controller interface also isn’t working do the following:
  • Disable automatic firmware upgrades via the path above.
  • Download HFS http://www.rejetto.com/hfs/download.
  • Download the latest AP firmware https://www.ubnt.com/download/unifi
HFS Screenshot:   Once installed:
  • Click Menu
  • Add Files
  • Choose the new firmware
  • Copy the path in the bar at the top (which will be an HTTP path with your IP:port/filename.bin)
  • Click the AP you want to upgrade in the Unifi controller
  • Click Configuration
  • Click Manage Device
  • In the “Custom Upgrade” section paste the path
  • Click Custom Upgrade and confirm
The upgrade will take several minutes to complete and will disconnect all connected devices.  Upgrading more than 4-5 at once will cause the upgrades to fail.  If you wait at least 30 seconds between each firmware upgrade you can upgrade 5 APs with no problems.  I did 10 on my second run rapidly and all failed.  I assume this is either a limitation of the HTTP server or the controller that’s brokering the upgrade.
Upgrade firmware without a controller:
  • SSH to the AP
  • Type “upgrade http://dl.ubnt.com/unifi/firmware/U7PG2/” (copy the URL from the web download)
  • Type syswrapper.sh upgrade2